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Dramatic goodbye

The agenda for today was over 200 km on a motorbike, the last half on unpaved road. I had 25 km to go and decided to make a last stop for the final stretch. There was nothing remarkable about the place except for the warmth of their cola. 

When I asked for the bill you got dumped on my hand. I don’t even know what kind of animal you are. A monkey? You held on to me like an old man holds on to his stick: with all your strength, which didn’t amount to very much.

You had the hands and feet of a human, and surely you weren’t older than a couple of months. You were tired and fell asleep immediately.

It felt like an eternity together, but probably wasn’t more than 15 minutes. Our goodbye was terrible. You cried as I tried to loosen your grip. Your hands and feet outnumbered my left hand 4:1, so you didn’t let go. The shopowner was busy, so I could weep silently as I tried again.

I walked away without looking back.