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This afternoon, after a very hectic two days full of great experiences and people, I abruptly found myself alone on my boat. The weather was nice as I slowly sailed back towards Amsterdam central station. As there was nobody on the water either i shamelessly turned up the stereo’s volume for Sigur Ross’s epic album ‘Agaetis Byrjun’. When i realised that this might also be very long until i sail my beloveth boat in similar conditions, there were more than a few goose bumps.

Today i said ‘goodbye’ to the first persons. This means I probably won’t see them until i’ll return from my trip. It was a weird feeling, as the trip suddenly became a lot more ‘real’.

Somebody might have said this already, but it would be great if we could live our entire lives like we’re almost leaving on a long trip. As for me, these days I appreciate my family, friends and even my worldy possesions more than ever before.

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