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Getting used

After the initial period where everything seemed different from the life I knew, Tehran is getting ‘normal’. 5 lanes of cars and motorbikes storming at me while I cross a red light: no sweat. Finding my around the city: easy! Speaking Farsi (iranian) with a vocabulary of 3 words: pas de probleme M

monsieur !

The Iranian currency (rial) is collapsing: compared with yesterday the country is almost 3% cheaper. Compared with 2 weeks ago it’s almost 20%. Welcome to the Weimar republic!

There’s an interesting twist on the ‘forbidden DELL computers’ story of yesterday. When I discussed this with an Iranian guy he said: “just because we disagree politically, doesn’t mean that DELL can’t make great computers”.
Surprisingly Coca Cola seems to agree that you can make profit from an enemy as they even produce their drinks in Iran (and they’re drunk by every irani in this alcohol free country).

Visited today the Tehran bazar (which mostly sells wholesale) and the amazing Golestan palace. Will fly to Shiraz tomorrow. Also found a ticket to New Delhi for only 160 euro (total cost Amsterdam – India is less than 400 euro!). There’s still enough to see in Tehran for when I come back.

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