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What’s that in my pocket?

Despite what people might think, one tends to carry quite some stuff around on a trip around the world. Useful items include for example an ‘iPhone simcard cutter’ and a southern hemisphere compass.

The big question is: where do you keep all that stuff? The answer seems obvious (backpack), however in practice the storage options include:
– 6 pockets in my backpack
– 2 special fishnet-like bags for inside my backpack – 8 pockets in my trousers
– 4 pockets in my ‘valuables bag’

That’s a lot of pockets. Again, the answer seems obvious: develop a system for remembering what’s where. In practice this has proven to be challenging. Important things go into the valuables bag, that is stored in the hotel safe. Unless you don’t trust the hotel. Jackets are at the bottom of the backpack (it’s 31 degrees during the day) excepts when the nights cool down to below 10 degrees. Socks are on top of the backpack, but my feet have swollen to much because of the heat so they are no longer useful. Etc.

Fortunately, I’ve got more than enough time to think about these things and my stress levels are still manegable, but I fear what will happen to my system once I change climate.

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