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Persepolis is a world class monument, however the experience pales by what happend yesterday.

I was sitting quietly at the tomb of Hafez, Iran’s greatest poet, when I was approached by an Iranian family. They are well educated people and pArts of their family live(d) abroad. They invited me to their beautiful house where I was presented a delicious Iranian lunch including Shiraz wine (!). Especially striking was the difference in their appearance outside an inside. We had a lively discussion on the current political and touristic situation in Iran and their support for ‘the famous Dutch politician (Geert Wilders).

Afterward they invited me to visit a beautiful park together where we observed together how unmarried Iranians interact. Finally, they invited me for dinner in a beautiful coffeeshop.

My grattitude was enormous: inviting a stranger in your house, feed him, talk with him like a long lost friend and show him around your town. They wouldn’t accept any contribution for the dinner, as I was their guest. Beautiful people who I wish all the best.

Experiences like these are the reason to travel around the world, easily beating any monument.

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