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Delhi shock

I believe it was during WW1 that ‘shell shock’ was first documented. I’d like to introduce you to the ‘Delhi shock’.

I arrived from the pittorque city of Tehran (15 mio inhabitants) at 04.00 in the morning. The taxi drive through the tree filled streets was one I won’t easily forget. Only after 10 minutes I noticed that cars should drive on the left. The mist (visibility: 50 meters) added a mystic touch to the scenic trip.

Hotels are really affordable in Delhi and interior design is fantastic. Unfortunately, the execution of the master’s design is off a slightly lower standard, which means that basically everything is broken.

There’s a festival on these days, thus you can (and do) light firecrackers at any moment of the day. Fortunately everybody is in an extra festive mood.

The cokroaches and dead dogs in the street come with the territory, but please don’t make me get used to the homeless people.

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