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Great idea: let’s rent a motorbike!

People and places off the tourist trail often are the most interesting. And it’s difficult to spot them when you’re racing past them in an air-conditioned tourist bus. Therefore, renting a motorbike and do some long distance travel to those hard to get/find places seemed like a good idea.

I decided to verify my assumptions and ask some locals. The people of the orphanage looked surprised: why would you do that? Have you seen traffic here? I actually had a look at the Cambodian traffic and the one thing I noticed was that people are driving slooowly. It was Indian style chaotic, but nothing like the madness of Iranian traffic.

Sitting at the back of a motorbike to the Killing Fields, I saw two motorbike crashes happen right in front of me. I even fell of the motorbike in my rush to help the guy who just had crashed into the back of a car. When I pulled his bike off him, the car simply drove off. My driver and the onlookers reacted surprised. Not so much at his crash, but why I fell of the bike and tried to help the motorbike driver (the crash clearly was his fault). Needless to say that this story is written in a luxury aircon bus.

Postscriptum: both the driver and myself have no injuries to speak off

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