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Musical interludes / Olafur Arnalds

When you’ve got unlimited time, you only do the things you like. One of the things which makes me truly happy is music. As a kid, my piano teacher famously told my parents that he was happy taking their money, but that the lessons were a waste of everybody’s time…

I’m faithful to my favorite artists, which means that I regularly forget to listen to sufficient new material. In any case, I hope that these musical interludes will help you discover a new band or two, or reappraise your own music in a slightly different light. Recommendations for new music are always welcome!

Band: Olafur Arnalds

I had heard about Olafur Arnalds through her collaboration with Sigur Ros, but had never had the time to give her a proper listen. Until now. For the classical classical music fans his music is probably over the top. For somebody like me, his music makes me imagine scenic movies with few spoken words, incredible hurt and hopeless hope.


Recommendation: during quiet moment





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