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Steve is my hero

I’ve only known Steve for a couple of days. And I don’t know much about his personal life. Steve is 63, lives in Hawaii, and stays the winters in Vietnam because temperatures in Hawaii drop to 17 degrees celsius at night. Steve likes the sun.

Steve goes to bed at 20.00 every day and wakes up at 02.00. He then starts the day with an hour of yoga and then rides his bicycle for a couple of hours. Steve is fit.

Steve started (wind)surfing back in the 60s and has been kitesurfing for 13 years now. Steve is knows what he is doing.

Steve is my kitesurf instructor. And today I managed for the first time to do a waterstart and ride the board without falling. Thanks to Steve.

Like every good teacher Steve says that it is me who’s doing the kitesurfing and he’s just there to assist me. We both know that his role is bigger than that. When I kick my board off before the waves break at the beach I literally run to fetch it afterwards. I am hurt when I fail to execute Steve’s tips like he told me. Even in my most disastrous runs Steve finds something I did well.

I hugged Steve after my first successful run. Steve is good.


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