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Musical interlude: Shakira, MTV unplugged

After the eerie music of Olafnur Arnalds ( https://gijsbos.com/musical-interludes-olafur-arnalds ) and the abstract noise of Autechre ( https://gijsbos.com/musical-interlude-autechre-tri-repetae ), one could think I’m a robot. Please let me assure you this is not the case. The subject of this post probably made you shiver with fear. Shakira? Isn’t that the Latin version of Britney Spears, who’s lyrics don’t make sense and has been hanging on to her funny looking hip shaking for half a decade to long?


Once upon a time, a long long time ago, a different Shakira existed. She was a shy girl with brown hair. This Shakira looked shyly in the camera, seemingly afraid that people could look straight into her heart and see the suffering inside. Her Spanish lyrics made sense and she actually sang! I guess nobody misses this Shakira more than herself.


There is a terrible song on this album (Ciega, Sordomunda), but most of are of a rare beauty (Octavo dia, Si te vas) and the ‘goose bumps songs’ Inevitable and Tu.


Recommendation: are you a robot?




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