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Quite an experience

The Gibbon Experience is something truly truly special. Situated close to the border with Thailand, the place is definitely isolated. It takes a good hour to hike up there. And when you finally arrive at your destination, the amazement starts. You can see the 3 (!) floor treehouse where you’ll be sleeping, but the only way to enter is by a “zipline”, which is nothing more than a long steel cable, a harnass and a security line to the steel cable. The inside of the treehouse is amazing: fully equipped with a kitchen, toillet and shower, You’d almost forget that you’re more than 50 meters above the ground, in a tree! Needless to say that the view from the treehouse over the protected forest / national parc is spectacular.
Our group had the full treatment: ziplines of up to 600 meters (trust me: that’s means very far and very high). We saw Gibbons monkeys both mornings and afternoon, and I was lucky to do a trek with a guide that brought me closer to the Gibbon than I had ever hoped for (especially noteworthy was that the Gibbons changed sound completely and started “talking” to eachother when they had spotted us).
A spectacular finish was the thunder storm. They are extra violent these days as the season shifts from dry to wet. And sitting in a treehouse only adds to the fun.
Highly recommended!

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