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Little earthquakes

Tori Amos once wrote a song called ‘little earthquakes’. Somehow I was reminded of that song yesterday when I experienced a couple of ‘little adventures’.

Yesterday was one of those ‘little adventures’ days. Exploring a defunct police station, renting a motorbike to visit urang utans, watch crocodiles from real close by, a 1 meter high waterfall that managed to kill two persons last week, a visit to a village, a big waterfall with kids playing, a visit to a traditional ‘longhouse’, a return trip through an epic rainstorm, and a beautiful Chinese Buddhist festival to finish the day.

Many little adventures create one great trip.


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  1. Julie says:

    Mon Hollandais prefere a l’air d’aller tres bien! Suis a Kuala Lumpur du 5 au 17 Juin au cas ou tu passerais par la. BiseJulie

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