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I am crazy

When the word spread that I was heading for Europe, family and friends assumed I was returning home for good. When I explained my plan for Was to stay several weeks and continue traveling, it instilled surprise and fear in the people I love.

‘Isn’t about a year since you’ve left?’
True, I left on the 12th of October 2010.

‘won’t you have difficulties getting used to normal life once you return?’
Maybe, I will be very well rested though. I think that when I stop traveling life will be fine.

‘don’t you miss your friends and family?’

‘where are you going next?’
Good question. I’ll probably leave Europe around the beginning of November. By then I will have made up my mind.

‘wow, you must be very rich’
I got rich by wanting very little (Thorreau)

So yes, I will continue traveling. For how long I don’t know. As some of my travel naivety has worn off, leaving Europe will be tougher this time. However, my curiosity for new people and places is still there. Which will keep me on the road for the foreseeable time.


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