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Hidden gems

Now that you’re sure that you’ve read the most popular stories of last year (https://gijsbos.com/most-popular-posts-of-last-year). You’re probably wondering which posts were most overlooked. Maybe because they didn’t have a picture with them on Facebook? An univitingg title? Published when you were on holiday? Or in the middle of your night? Anyway, here are stories that didn’t get the attention they deserved:

16. A bull fight with a twist https://gijsbos.com/a-bull-fight-with-a-twist
15. Bye https://gijsbos.com/bye
14. Comparing girlfriends https://gijsbos.com/comparing-girlfriends
13. How was Australia https://gijsbos.com/how-was-australia
12. Money talks https://gijsbos.com/money-talks
11. Privileged https://gijsbos.com/privileged
10. So, what do you think of India? https://gijsbos.com/so-what-do-you-think-of-india
9. Sorry https://gijsbos.com/so-what-do-you-think-of-india
8. The beauty of nomadic life https://gijsbos.com/the-beauty-of-nomadic-life
7. Aankondiging https://gijsbos.com/aankondiging
6. Delhi shock https://gijsbos.com/delhi-shock
5. Don’t believe a yoga teacher https://gijsbos.com/dont-believe-a-yoga-teacher
4. Exit Iran https://gijsbos.com/exit-iran
3. First impressions of Teheran https://gijsbos.com/first-impressions-of-tehran
2. Teheran quite a ride https://gijsbos.com/teheran-quite-a-ride
1. The sound of cooking https://gijsbos.com/the-sound-of-cooking


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