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What’s the plan?


People regularly ask me for a plan for my trip. With a sheepish look I then have to admit that there is none. Vague ideas like ‘go to Iran and see from there’, ‘have a look in South East Asia’ somehow resulted in a fantastic trip.

Similar to before, I had the idea to ‘go sailing’. Wise friends and family warned me for drunk captains, high seas and full boats. Without a name nor location of a harbor (‘how do you say ‘harbor in Spanish anyway?’) and just a plane ticket to Gran Canaria, I was on my way for another exciting part of this trip.

In hindsight, I forgot to think of some of the most important things: a large and (ideally) luxurious yacht, a private cabin and shower. A trustworthy captain and a great cook on board cooking our freshly caught fish. A nice mix of sailing at night with strong winds and sunshine filled days reading on deck. Shore leave in town and hiking on a quiet island.

And all that came true.

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