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Another day in Cape Verde

It was one of those standard days. After a delightful evening the
night before, I decided to go for a hike. Bought some food and water
and off I went.

As the subburbs of Mindelo are quite extensive I opted for a bus. I
stopped the first bus that passed by. The driver asked me where I
wanted to go, and I could only answer ‘I don’t know’ (please note that
my Portugese language skills are limited to speaking broken Spanish
with a funny accent). The guy and sold me a ticket costing the
equivalent of 3 eurocents.

After 15 minutes ride we were well at the outskirts of the city.
Everybody got off at one point, so I did the same. Attempts to find
out (with a map) where I was were in vain. I therefore decided to walk
up the highest mountain I could find. The dirt track dissappeared
quickly and soon I was on my own in the prairie. After a long hike, I
found myself on top of the mountain with an amazing view: one tiny
house in the valley, see and a beautiful landscape. During the long
walk downhill I got a call from my family back in The Netherlands
which made this beautiful day even more special.

When I finally arrived at the sea I hitch hiked (by car this time) and
was taken by the 3rd car passing by: a Cape Verdian living in Canada,
giving an old aunt a ride because she had a stroke. He was a martial
arts instructor, real estate broker and a genuinely nice guy, who
dropped me off at my hotel.

Me like Cape Verde 🙂

Sunny Christmas everyone


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