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Funding contact reduction projects

A strategic priority with great ROI that no department wants to fund? Why is Contact Reduction such an initiative?

The digital team benefits most from contact reduction. Instead of calling or chatting, users work more with digital Service tools & content. But the digital team is unlikely to shift budget to get contact reason data.

Collecting contact reasons is the responsibility of the contact center. Moreover, the digital team “thinks in clicks, not calls”. Most of the burden of collecting data on contact reasons, interpreting findings, suggesting fixes, prioritising issues etc. sits with the contact center. Contact Reduction is against the call center’s interests. And therefore is unlikely to fund its own demise.

“Innovation” budget can fund a Proof of Concept, but won’t fund Contact Reduction projects eternally.

IT can fund the technology, but tech is only part of the problem.

Finance could be a great sponsor, as contact reduction means cost reduction. But few Finance leaders have the vision and business savviness to fund such a project.

Key takeaway: ensure you’ve got executive sponsorship before you start a contact reduction project.

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