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Going home…

There are times in life where you have to admit that you were wrong. And unfortunately this is one of them. After careful consideration and balancing of the pro’s and cons, I have decided that it’s time to go home. For two pairs of socks, two T-shirts and one of the two locks for my backpack. All the best to them.*

(GB added later: Some confusion has rissen on this first paragraph. In order to be very clear: it’s part of my *clothes* that is going home, not me!)

Iran does not stop to amaze me: from vodka in cars, ‘couch surfer’ meetings in hotels, to the endless beauty of the city of Esfahan.

I’m not going to rave about the beauty of the Sheik Lotfollah Mosque, you will just have to come and see it for yourself, as I can’t do it justice. Neither can I fully describe the joy when I discovered a secret passage onto the roofs of the bazar, so i could enjoy quietly the insane beauty of Imam square (2nd largest square in the world). The discovery became even more valuable at night, when I could share the spot with a group of Swiss architecture students.

And (of course) I’ve been treated fantastic by the Iranians: invitation at home, followed by an evening picnic in the park next to the river, walks around the city and good conversations about life (Iranian guy with a broken heart because his girlfriend left him for somebody who is two years younger, and a girl who was left by her boyfriend even though he has a fatal illness). In general, relations in Iran have captured my interest: how do you meet when you can’t just start talking to somebody of the opposite sex? Can you be in a relationship without being married? How do you deal with the short window of opportunity between to young to marry and to old? And many more.

I have to revise one more thing: I thought that Iran was expensive. However, all these great experiences in Iran have cost me 500 euro until now (+234 euro for the flight AMS-Tehran). I realize that this is a lot of money for my new friends, but it fits within my budget. Even better, I wouldn’t want to miss these two weeks in Iran for the world.

* I will give them to somebody here of course




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  1. Anonymous says:

    Are you going back home, to the Netherlands, and resigning from your trip, or just moving on from Iran?

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