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Mourir pour des idées

After the entertainment, it was time for a more serious note. The iran-iraq war cementary in Esfahan is impressive. Not so much for its size (it’s small) as for the pain you feel when walking around. Even on a weekday, the cementary is full with people. School classes on one hand and mourning families on the other. The impact on a random visitor is immense: each grave has a picture of the deceased and is decorated with an Iranian flag. The flags are regularly attached to eachother in case of multiple deaths in one family. Shocking are the children’s faces on the tombstones.


Striking are the parents, seemingly unable to get one with their lives because of a war, even when it ended 22 years ago



  1. Wasmuht says:

    Dutch brother! Keep your head down (and on) in Iran. really enjoying reading about adventures on your blog. Biggest adventure I can report is that little Monika loves to pooh at 4am! also recommend you get a vpn to get around the firewall in Iran try 12vpn.com. works well to get past the great china firewall.

  2. Anonymous says:

    <html><body bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><div>that sounds like amazingly fantastic ??ber great news. No need to fear as your Dutch brothet will be there in a couple of months to witness all the excitement in person!&nbsp;<br><br><div></div></div></body></html>

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