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it’s been now a bit more than two weeks since I left NL. It’s probably thanks to the intense experiences, but my time here seems so much longer. Typically ‘time flies when you’re having fun’, but once you’ve got a lot of time it only seems to increase. I’ve slept every day at least 10 hours a day (and I still could sleep more), which reduces the time to do things (and should therefore make time go faster), but fortunately the clock keeps ticking in slowmotion.

I’m now lying on a carpet on the roof of a family hotel situated right at the border of an oasis. It’s19.00 hrs, this means that it’s pitch dark in Iran and I can enjoy the stars and the total silence except for the sounds produced by a warm autum breeze coming from the mountain a couple of hundred meters away.

I climbed that mountain this morning, accompagnied all the way by a dog who I befriended on my way through the oasis. This afternoon, I took a taxi to see the desert sunset from the top of a giant sanddune. It looked even better than in the movies.

I’ve been reading quite a lot recently, devouring all books I could find on Iran. More about them and my personal opinion on Iran in a couple of days.

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