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Money talks

I don’t like talking about money, but today I make an exception. With Joe, a travel friend, I ended up in Baga, the bright-lights-big-city around here. We had just arrived so we needed to find out where we could find an accommodation. As everybody and their brother rents them we had difficulties finding an independent (reliable) source of hotel information. The only thing we managed to find out was a room for the (for us) shocking amount of 800 rupees (13 euro’s !!!) for 2 persons. So we asked a group of 2 Americans and 1 Canadian what they payed and where. The girls said “350 per head for two days”. We were instantly sold: “what a great deal!” They asked what we had found, we sheepishly said “800 per day for 2 persons”. They looked very impressed, “what kind of great place is that?” was their reply. We shrugged and said “that it doesn’t even have air-conditioning”. Confusion arose, “it doesn’t have aircon for 800?” Suddenly, one of them found the answer: “we’re talking dollars and you’re talking rupees”. We all stared blankly at each other and realized abruptly we had nothing in common anymore. We said goodbye and quickly found a great place for 700 rupees for 2 persons. Later that night Joe and I ran into them again by accident. We concluded that they didn’t look happier than we did. Probably they did the same.

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