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Comparing girlfriends

When you travel in a country on your own for some time, it becomes like a girlfriend. Even though comparing girlfriends is almost never a good idea I’m still going to give it a try.


With my current girlfriend (India) I got off to a bad start in Delhi where she showed her ruthless, uninterested and ugly sides. In Goa she displayed her split personality by becoming seductive, beautiful and terribly superficial. But by then we understood each other a bit better and were unconsciously ready for a next phase in our relationship. That phase came sudden: the massive rocks in Hampi, combined with some of the most beautiful monuments I’ve ever seen pushed our relationship into the right direction. Most of all, her superficiality gave way for an interesting almost mystic depth, which was badly lacking from our relationship before.

My ex (iran) was a different story altogether. Love at first sight, she was friendly, we had excellent conversations and (not unimportantly) she looked gorgeous.

Despite that we’re together already for a couple of weeks, it’s much more difficult to love my current girlfriend. She doesn’t talk back when i talk to her. All she does is stare at me, making me think. After a lot of thinking I concluded that whether our relationship will develop further might say more about me than it does about her.

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