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Deadly encounters

It was 08.30 in the morning and I already stood in front of the first cave of the day. During my now 9 months trip I’ve seen many caves: 
– explore one of the largest cave systems in the world accompanied by a guide without a light? Easy!
– walk through a cave which 1 mio. bats call home? Done that already!
– climb up slippery cave walls where poisonous cave snakes wait at the top? Child’s play!

But this time it’s different. I’m alone and there are piles of human remains outside the cave so called “Tau Tau” watch me from above:

Despite this rather rough start of the morning, I continue into the cave. It’s small, it’s damp and it’s dripping from the ceiling. Especially the latter isn’t a pleasant sensation, as many coffins are above me:

As usual, my faithful iPhone serves as my only source of light and the battery is draining rapidly. The number of skulls per square meter increases steadily, my moving space decreases and when suddenly large animal sounds from inside the cave are thrown into the mix (even) my nerves give in. I quickly make my way for the exit and am relieved to get some fresh air again.



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