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A change of perspective

I decided it was time to continue my exploration of the Togean islands. I took a public ferry for an hour and arrived in another world.

When I approached the resort in a little boat I could that the luxury in my new location was unheard of. They had the lights turned on, even when it wasn’t fully dark! And why wasn’t there any noise of a generator? And how could they manage to put cute lights to light the beach, when at my previous location I was lucky if I could charge my phone?

A closer inspection revealed even more outrageous facilities like streaming water, doors with locks and (cold) water shower that I only needed to share with one other room… I had arrived in paradise!

I shared my joy of having access to water, electricity and clean sanitation with the other guests. They looked surprised at so much delight for a simple 8 euro / day (three meals included) room.

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