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A perfect morning (almost)

The morning was perfect. Despite an entertainment filled night, I woke up early and in a perfect condition. I walked down the steps of my little bungalow onto the pristine white sand of the amazing beach. To my own surprise decided to do some yoga, something I hadn’t done in a long time. A bit stiff at first, but quickly stretching further than ever before. Helped by both the stunning ocean view and by being the first person awake, I continued with a short, but deep meditation. The first in a long long time.

Flexible and relaxed I decided to go for a morning swim and avoid the ‘breakfast crowd. As It was low tide I had to be careful not to cut myself on the coral, but I made it to the deeper part unscratched. I turned to swim on my back to see the early morning sun rise behind the mountain. The ocean was flat like a mirror and I couldn’t hear any sound but the distant splashes of fishes jumping out of the water.

A raging burn in my neck and shoulders. I looked around and couldn’t see anything, but I noticed that I wasn’t bleeding. I swam away as quickly as I could. And then I truly started to feel the pain. It was intenser than anything I’ve felt in years. I knew I could stand on solid ground just 20 meters away, but suddenly that seemed very far. I started to swim back to the coast.

The diagnosis at the beach was quick: a jellyfish. No, I didn’t manage to pee on my neck and neither did anybody else. The pain remained intense, most likely due to my sunburned skin the jellyfish managed to strike. After an hour the pain subsided and the perfect morning continued in my hammock.


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