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Best . Parenting . Tip . Ever .

Yoanna dancing

As a purposely uneducated soon-to-be father, I bothered many of my friends for their “golden tip” on parenting. Most of their answers were close to the truth, but disappointing nonetheless: take it as it comes; it’s natural, so you’ll do fine. A “bed extension” came close to the best tip, but the undersigned fresh father, already claims to have found the Best . Parenting . Tip . Ever .

Guess what? It’s a playlist, a simple Spotify playlist. Don’t make it full of children songs, because they’ll bore you quickly. Make it full of songs with which you love to sing along. The songs keep you happy, the vibrations of your voice will soothe your child.
Please share your own playlist in the comments. Bonus points if the songs are on Spotify’s TuneWiki app (which shows you the lyrics, you can sing like  Sinatra).
Here’s Yoanna’s list:

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