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Flash on my iPad

Hmm, it seems like we’ll be getting flash after all thanks to Skyfire!

It’s out

After informing the team yesterday, I’ve spoken with @Marcdrees with whom I agreed that he would publish my departure on RecruitmentMatters. Good to receive so much positive feedback after my departure from co-workers, clients and suppliers. Maybe it’s because they’re jealous… 😉

10 years old

Today it’s StepStone NL 10 years anniversary. I fondly remember that StepStone itself is older still: 1996. We’ve come a long way. It would be the easy solution to now to start touting our accomplishments and boast our strategy. However, in the end we’re just doing what most people want to do in the recruitment space: bring candidates and companies together. That is a business that will still be around in a decade. Looking at how we’ve adapted to changes in the market before, I’m confident we’ll be doing great in 2020.


Busy day in the office: two new starters @ telesales, Arthur isn’t in for most of today so i’ll take over part of the induction. Also a talk with the owner of the building to ensure that the last items of our are well taken care of.

How do you spell exit?

Should it be Stepexit? Stexit sounds better. I’m not a 100% sure on the communication of my departure. Should i communicate it to the blogs? Or send the press release today as well? For the time being i favour the first option and announce my successor towards the end of September. ‘only fools don’t change their minds’ though.

I can get no sleep

Another night with little sleep due to my coughing. Guess i’ll be visiting a doctor soon. Needed a medical checkup anyway, so will combine them.