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For me this trip was a logical step: i have the savings to do it, it looks like a worthwhile endavour, i’ll regret it when i don’t. So: go for it. Looking at the storm of reactions, i slowly begin to realise how privileged I am. Quitting your job for a year in your mid 30’s because it seems like fun to travel around the world for a year or so; is something i’ll probably truly appreciate in a couple years from now.

The beauty of small SEA accounts

Last night I played untill late with a new SEO tool. It’s for my partner’s wedding photography website ( i got attracted by the ease with which you can handle small seo/sea accounts. With only a little bit of effort we managed to pull in over two thousand euro worth of assignments in just a couple of weeks (which i consider quite good for a starting wedding photographer outside the peak season). All this for a marketing investment of just 200 euro’s.

Thanks to to this new keyword tool i’m confident that we’ll be able to accellerate her business even further (she’s already looking for a backup photographer as she can’t handle all the assignments herself). All this thanks to her photo skills, a great photography website, and a nicely humming Google SEO/SEA campaign.

On the other hand, HTML5 isn’t that bad…

This is for Google Chrome users only. Definitely one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in a browser, ever. It’s highly personalized, dynamically generated, local. 

Trust me on this one, it’s worth your time. Check it out: (Google + Arcarde fire). Just don’t play to much with the windows or you’ll mess it up

When will all media be like this?

Flash on my iPad

Hmm, it seems like we’ll be getting flash after all thanks to Skyfire!

It’s out

After informing the team yesterday, I’ve spoken with @Marcdrees with whom I agreed that he would publish my departure on RecruitmentMatters. Good to receive so much positive feedback after my departure from co-workers, clients and suppliers. Maybe it’s because they’re jealous… 😉

10 years old

Today it’s StepStone NL 10 years anniversary. I fondly remember that StepStone itself is older still: 1996. We’ve come a long way. It would be the easy solution to now to start touting our accomplishments and boast our strategy. However, in the end we’re just doing what most people want to do in the recruitment space: bring candidates and companies together. That is a business that will still be around in a decade. Looking at how we’ve adapted to changes in the market before, I’m confident we’ll be doing great in 2020.


Busy day in the office: two new starters @ telesales, Arthur isn’t in for most of today so i’ll take over part of the induction. Also a talk with the owner of the building to ensure that the last items of our are well taken care of.